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   “What could I possibly say to this beautiful woman? She looks like someone who has it all together. What could I possibly say to make her day any better?” I asked myself while trying to still listen to the person on the telephone. From where I stood, this woman did not look like anyone who needed any encouragement and I did not want to interrupt her public privacy.

    I had no idea what I was going to say to her, but I stuck my head out of the telephone booth and waited for her to approach. I opened my mouth and gave her a compliment. Nothing complicated, I just simply complimented her on her outfit.

    I later discovered that something miraculous had occurred when I intervened in this woman’s life. On that cold morning, this sister was mentally planning her suicide and because of the words spoken, she decided not to complete her self destructive plan. She was overwhelmed that a complete stranger cared enough to stop and bless her with a kind word. She believed that her life had no meaning and that she could not live another day.

     In that small fraction of time and with those simple words, something marvelous happened. My words, without my permission or knowledge, spread the blanket of kindness over the ice cracks of another woman’s life. The words spoken swept clean the cobwebs of self destructiveness that could have and would have devastated an entire circle of family and friends.

    Let’s explore this from a more personal vantage point. What would have happened if I had not stopped and spoken to the woman? I shudder to think. This incident changed the way I do business. I now know that handling my business also means taking care of people in the middle of all the other things I do.  Without people, business means nothing.

    This event helped me to side step the boulders placed in my way when it’s time to act. If it means that even if I look like a fool to others, I have an obligation to speak and to act. It helped me to see that my words do have power. It helped me to see that women are waiting to hear what I have to say. It helped to me to see that women are waiting for “miraculous” encounters, even in business.  

    So the question is when was the last time you took time out of your busy day to stop and help another sister who has fallen through the thin ice of her life?  When was the last time you openly and unashamedly shared your gifts and helped to pull another sister out of the darkness of her icy pits to behold another day?

    It’s time to act now. Armed with the knowledge that you do bring something powerful to the table, it is now time to wipe life’s sludge from your skates with unbridled enthusiasm. It is time to embrace the passion to help other women. When you do, you will discover something marvelous and miraculous.

     You will discover the cracks in your life diminishing in the safety net of other women as you stop, extend your hands, and offer assistance. When you extend your hands, you will discover other hands waiting to be held so that they will not fall through the ice. You will also discover an experienced network of women skaters awaiting your arrival.

So what are you waiting for?  Put on your skates, join me on the ice, and let’s  glide...  

©2016 - Dr. Gail Hayes - Handle Your Business Girl

Skating on Thin Ice…continued